In 2017, major reforms to the regulation of drugs and medical devices were brought in by CFDA (Now NMPA). One key outcome of these changes is that clinical data from an overseas multi-center trial can be used in order to accelerate the approval process of drugs developed by foreign companies. Such reform has been driving active dialogue between China and western companies since.

Highlights of China Cross-Border Deals in 2018:
  • 5+ Deals Per Month
  • $11+ Million Average Upfront Payment
  • $70+ Million Totally Deal Average


As requested of invited Chinese pharma and investors, we are excited to launch a private pitch session, complementary to the current program of China [email protected] Spring.

The private pitch is invitation only and the guests are pharma senior executives and key investors, exclusively. Please download our previous guest list here: Guests List of China Focus Past Event.
Once selected, you will provide 8-minute pitch, followed by 1:1 meeting with the guests who express interest in your assets, at our designated VIP partnering areas. This will be covered by regular event registration, at no extra charge. If you have not registered yet, please click here.
  • Unique Format
  • Private and Focused
  • Immediate Follow-Up Meetings
  • On-Target Partnering

Meanwhile, we also offer FREE Consultation on partnership with China. Please contact [email protected] to schedule an appointment.

“I attended and presented my company at the private pitch session conducted by MyBioGate at China [email protected] JPM week.  In all the decades that I have been involved in partnering and fund-raising, I must say that the private pitch session was the most efficient and productive 5 minute presentation I have ever made. I also saw how this program worked for many other CEOs, in obtaining instant meetings with investors and medical company executives.  Amazing!  For me, this meeting and the associated networking enabled me to meet and talk with Starlink Capital, JITRI, PHARSCIN PHARMA, Cedrus Group, Accent, ANLONG, LIVZON, LILLY, BAYER, PFIZER, AISLING, KATAI CAPITAL, CELLO HEALTH, SHENZHEN SHIYU INVESTMENT, QILU PHARMA and BUTTON CAPITAL.  A great meeting and MyBioGate team effort to be sure! “
-Lonnie Bookbinder, MBA, PhD, CEO ARIZ Precision Medicine