Do you want to explore the vast opportunities of fundraising and partnership? Do you want to learn how to enter a fast-growing Chinese healthcare market in 2019? Do you want to connect to pay ways for your next collaboration?

At China [email protected] Vienna, we are going to bring 100+ Chinese companies and investors actively seeking partnership in biotech and medtech products. Click here and register to be presenting companies at our event! Meet the decision makers and make a BIG impression!

More than Presentation!

We will help you to do a better homework to boost your partnering efficacy

  • 9-minute presentation slot in the plenary session
  • Individual consultation on 1-1 meeting prior to the event
  • Onsite interpretation assistance
  • Pre-conference online promotion with a pre-recorded pitch video
  • Presentation will be webcasting to 50,000+ audience



Take full advantage of our resources!
  • Connections: Our team has direct connections with delegates from the attending Chinese biotech, pharma, and medtech companies, and we keep regular communications so we understand their needs. Individual consult with us prior to the event can remarkably help you shortlist potential partners and make the best of your time at meetings.
  • Highlight: Your company and product information will be featured in the program book. A dedicated partnering booth (limited quantity on a first-come-first-serve base) can help you stand out from the crowd, perfect place to display your banner, brochure, and/or product prototype.
  • Platform: All presenters are encouraged to submit a 9-minute video for a pre-conference online pitch. Your company and product information will be introduced to all attendees through email campaigns.
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