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China has seen vigorous growths in its drug and medical devices industry. Propelled by recent changes in regulatory and funding environments, bringing new therapeutics and technologies to the China market becomes an appealing strategy for all kinds of investors. In 2017, China joined the ICH as a full regulatory member in an effort to actively promote the timely entry of international drugs into the Chinese market, and to support the innovation and competitiveness of its domestic pharmaceutical industry. In 2018, Hong Kong cleared way for pre-revenue biotech IPOs, 4 companies already listed on HKEX by Dec, 2018. Meanwhile, NMPA (Formally CFDA) continued its initiative of drug evaluation and approval systems, including optimizing clinical trial management, accelerating the evaluation and approval for marketing authorizations, and conducting new generic consistency evaluation (GCE).  The highest level of government also carried out the “4+7” pilot drug procurement scheme, further lowered cost as well as profit margin for generic drugs.

With all these changes in the air, there are numerous opportunities as well as uncertainties for both innovators and investors. We are designing our program and inviting Key Opinion Leaders in pharma industry, pioneers in cross-border transactions, and experts in regulatory, legal and financial topics to share their experiences and expertise to all participants who want to explore opportunities with China’s emerging healthcare market.

With 5+ programs in 2019, China FocusTM Team is constantly looking for potential speakers in all areas. Please contact us to nominate speakers for our programs.  Recommend a speaker.