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Presentation fees: $3000 (Includes presentation fee and one registration for presenter)

Please note: once your company is selected and accepts the offer of a presentation slot, you will be required to pay the fees within 10 business days to secure a time slot. Failure to timely pay fees may result in a delay in scheduling pre-event promotion and other service.

    Presenting companies will receive

    • Free consultation on 1-on-1 partnering
    • Receive a list of featured audience and their partnering demand prior to the event day
    • Pre-conference promotion to all conference attendees
    • 8-min PowerPoint presentation during the conference
    • Immediate follow-up meetings through on-target partnering

    To present at China Focus @ BWB Boston please complete the following application form. This information will be used to evaluate your company for a presentation slot.  If selected to present, you will receive additional steps to submit payment and secure your presentation slot.