We are here to announce the limited time offer to support local companies of Pennsylvania, for our China [email protected] Philadelphia, which takes place on June 2.

At this event, you will have access to online partnering system and arrange 1:1 meetings with high profile executives from multinational pharma, Chinese pharma and prestigious investors. For example, J&J, Sanofi, GSK, Northern Light Venture Capital, Fosun Pharma (China’s No.1 healthcare distributor), Morningside Ventures, Luye Pharma Group and many others.

A handful of emerging companies, e.g. XtalPi who received support from Google, Tencent and Sequoia, will also share their successful fundraising stories, exciting discoveries, and potential collaboration opportunities.

For Pennsylvania companies, we are pleased to provide $100 off discount for regular registration and $1,000 off discount if you plan to present at our plenary session. 

By signing up our presentation package ($3,000 before discount), we will help you to do a better homework to ensure the highest value partnering experience. The package includes:

  • 9-minute presentation slot in the plenary session
  • 2 tickets to China Focus ($1,990 value)
  • Individual consultation on 1-1 meeting prior to the event
  • Onsite interpretation assistance
  • Pre-conference online promotion with a pre-recorded pitch video
  • Presentation will be webcasting to 50,000+ audience

If needed, we will make personal introduction and arrange ad-hoc meetings at the event as well. Feel free to contact us if you need discount code or have any questions.

Look forward to meeting you in June!