China implements key regulatory changes to accelerate drug approval

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China pharma sector, the second largest in the world, continues to grow rapidly on a CAGR of 10%, which will reach ~$393 Billion in 2025. 

Key regulatory changes

•   China Joined ICH in 2017: fast drug approval and match the global standards
•   NRDL (National Reimbursement Drug List) revision: volume expansion to offset price cut
•   New IND review: NMPA (Chinese FDA) has 60 business days to conduct its IND review
•   Acceptance of foreign clinical data: Data generated overseas will be considered acceptable if it complies with the NMPA’s requirements
•   Orphan drugs regulation: expedited approval and value-added tax
•   4+7 program: national drug centralized procurement pilot scheme to improve affordability and assure quality
•   Amendments to the Drug Administration Law: Implementation of drug market authorization holder system; Drug innovation incentive; Development of a drug traceability system

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