Connect Your Medical Imaging Projects With Chinese Investors

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Join us at the new module of China [email protected] San Francisco: Medical Device Challenge, a medical device focused partnering and presenting meeting.
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MyBioGate’s Medical Device Challenge THREE focuses on medical imaging projects. 

In 2017, the total hospital visits in China reached 8.18 billion, but only 20% of patient visits ordered imaging services. In fact, the imaging conversion rate was much lower than in the US’s 50% rate.
Moreover, the Directory Catalog on Readjustment of Industrial Structure (2019), which provides guidance for private investment and for investment management by the local authorities, has encouraged developing digital medical imaging devices and AI-supported imaging technology.

According to ifenxi, the current market size for medical imaging in China is around $22 billion and could double due to the low conversion rate and government support. Based on this data, the medical imaging field in China has great potential to grow. The most demanding branch in China’s medical imaging market is technology that assists and accelerates diagnosis. The reasons for this pressure are two-fold: the 3A hospitals are overloaded and the local hospitals lack high-quality radiologists and imaging specialists.

Local hospitals will be where most overseas companies enter the market. However, most local hospitals are public. Those overseas companies would have to collaborate closely with Chinese counterparts to form business relationships with the public hospitals and enter China’s medical imaging market.

If you have

  • a high-end imaging system
  • an algorithm to improve the workflow of current imaging system
  • AI to support diagnostic decisions

apply to Medical Device Challenge THREE to connect with trustworthy Chinese partners and investors!

Deadline: 12/23/2019
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