Global COVID-19 Resources Platform

by | Apr 16, 2020 | COVID-19

COVID-19 has grown to an international health pandemic, and with such a global issue comes the need for widespread cooperation. As countries around the world continue to battle the strain of coronavirus, the need for medical supplies and industry knowledge becomes paramount. MyBioGate is committed to connecting Chinese healthcare resources to countries around the world to improve health services and resource accessibility to fight the spread of COVID-19.

COVID-19: A Snapshot of the Current Situation

Over 5,000 industry professionals have come together to help China confront COVID-19. As the country recovers and moves out of their most difficult period, China strives to aid other countries now dealing with the evolving impacts of COVID-19. Numerous inquiries have been received regarding sourcing Chinese medical supplies, and while demands are great, supplies are low. Many healthcare workers remain unprotected and continue to risk their own safety on the frontlines battling COVID-19. Without proper protection, not only is there significant health risks for those on the frontlines, but a lack of protection exacerbates the spread of the outbreak. With the virus growing to a global pandemic, the situation is projected to worsen.

Connecting the World

The MyBioGate Global COVID-19 Resources Platform has been established to centralize health care resources and create an accessible source for locating medical equipment from China. The online portal is the result of colleagues from Beijing, Xi’an, Nanjing, Helsinki, and Houston working together to source high-quality medical supplies . The products includes epidemic prevention supplies, monitors, ventilators, syringe pumps / infusion pumps, ICU medical consumables, etc.

Through the creation of an online portal, the MyBioGate Global COVID-19 Resources Platform creates an opportunity for countries in need to access medical supplies needed to combat the virus.

MyBioGate’s Role in Combatting COVID-19

MyBioGate is a professional service consulting firm aimed at connecting Chinese life science and healthcare stakeholders with global innovations. With a dedicated global team, MyBioGate works to establish long-term cooperative relationships with Chinese local government and industrial centers as well as industry partners. The professional service boasts a powerful network with over 200 renowned Chinese biopharma and medical device companies.

In February of 2020, the organization launched “COVID-19 Project Partnering” to aid in China’s battle with COVID-19. In 20 days, nearly 300 COVID-19 projects from more than 20 countries were collected, an 85-person COVID-19 expert committee was formed to review projects, ten online presentations were organized—attracting over 1,400 Chinese companies and interested parties—and more than 40 companies connected to form potential partnerships.

Fighting COVID-19 Together

A global health crisis can only be alleviated through global cooperation. MyBioGate connects Chinese healthcare resources and medical supplies to countries around the world who are now presented with the challenge of combatting COVID-19. Through the online portal, healthcare professionals and frontline staff are able to share their knowledge and provide remote assistance for those who need it most. By sharing resources and connecting healthcare experts from around the world, MyBioGate stands to fight COVID-19 together with international partners.