MyBioGate Global Healthcare Innovation Competition is for you 
  • If you have therapeutic, medical device or digital health products that have potential in China market
  • If you are looking for manufacturers, distributors and clinical partners that can help you succeed in the global market
  • If you are a fundraising CEO exploring alternative investments for your company
  • If you just want to explore what’s happening in China and if there is an opportunity for you and your company

Online Application has started from March 1st. We welcome various projects from the healthcare industry, including therapeutics, biotechnology, medical device,  digital health, etc.

How to Participate?

  • Register online and submit required information and documents.
  • Selected applicants will be invited to present at Preliminaries in different cities all over the world. First Preliminary is going to be launched in Vienna on March 27th, co-located with China [email protected] Vienna. (Click here to see our Global Preliminaries Schedule)
  • Finalists will be sponsored to participate in a 5-day business development trip in China in Nov 2019 to meet 100+ vetted investment firms, pharma and medical device companies, governments and service providers.
It is more than a competition, it is a gateway to explore the exploding opportunities in China
Judges are from biotech/medtech companies, hospitals, investment firms and service providers. The entire competition is designed to give you a chance to meet and discuss collaboration with those real players on the market.
Contact us for more information!