Our COVID-19 Project Call: An Important Update

by | Mar 17, 2020 | China Focus, COVID-19

Recently, we put out a call for COVID-19 projects, and the response for China partnerships in this matter has been overwhelming. In just two weeks, we received nearly 300 requests from more than 20 countries. After a rigorous screening process by Chinese professionals, we were excited to announce that the first 21 projects had been selected to proceed with the online presentation and partnering process.

If you had submitted an application and have yet not been contacted, here is what to expect:

Outstanding Results

The final rounds of reviews are in progress and involves more than 70 leading front-line researchers, scientists, and doctors, including members from the National Medical Products Administration (NMPA), experts from National Clinical Laboratories, professors from Wuhan Institute of Virology, domestic and international universities, and scientists from MNC that are currently engaged in anti-viral drug research and development (BMS, Gilead, etc.).

We couldn’t be more pleased with the innovative proposals, and with the volume of proposals, we have received. This project has proven that there is a great deal of international talent in the health and medical field, and a willingness for global co-operation as we all work towards a resolution to this pandemic.

We are committed to connecting and facilitating resources among our global partners. As this project nears completion, the final round of successful applicants will be contacted soon.

You are a Part of the Solution

We are determined to connect the most promising approaches with the right people so that resources can be developed to support those at risk, and those infected by COVID-19. This epidemic is a severe global health concern – and you could be part of the solution.

Please follow our China Focus (https://events.mybiogate.com/) conferences and global healthcare innovation competition (https://competition.mybiogate.com/) to see more opportunities in finding potential partners in China for this and other projects.

With all the support worldwide, this project is moving at an exceptional speed. We will try every effort to bring promising treatment options to China and help the patients. Your continuous support is highly appreciated.