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We understand the partnering event could be overwhelming. At China Focus private pitch, we create a unique format to ensure the highest partnering experience by scouting assets with strong demands in China and by offering partnering assistance both prior to and after the events.

The private pitch is an invitation only session. The audiences are high profile pharma executives and investors, exclusively. All the presenting companies are selected based on their key credentials, potential for Chinese market, and the feedback from the audiences.


Exclusive Audiences (Previous Audience List)


Selected Presenting Companies


Unique Format


Private and Focused


Immediate Follow-Up Meetings


On-Target Partnering

All applications will be promptly reviewed by the program committee that consists of internal research team of MyBioGate and representatives from pharmatheutical companies and investment firms.

Once selected, you will provide an 8-minute pitch, followed by 1:1 meetings per the request of audiences, at the designated VIP partnering areas.

Pharmaceutical companies and investors, with proven track record of cross-border collaboration or actively seeking oversea assets, are qualified and welcome to the private pitch.

Please share us your partnering/investment objectives, which will serve as the criteria when evaluating pitch applications. Audiences Application

“I attended and presented my company at the private pitch session conducted by MyBioGate at China [email protected] JPM week.  In all the decades that I have been involved in partnering and fund-raising, I must say that the private pitch session was the most efficient and productive 5 minute presentation I have ever made. I also saw how this program worked for many other CEOs, in obtaining instant meetings with investors and medical company executives.  Amazing!  For me, this meeting and the associated networking enabled me to meet and talk with Starlink Capital, JITRI, PHARSCIN PHARMA, Cedrus Group, Accent, ANLONG, LIVZON, LILLY, BAYER, PFIZER, AISLING, KATAI CAPITAL, CELLO HEALTH, SHENZHEN SHIYU INVESTMENT, QILU PHARMA and BUTTON CAPITAL.  A great meeting and MyBioGate team effort to be sure! ” -Lonnie Bookbinder, MBA, PhD, CEO ARIZ Precision Medicine

* If you have any question regarding the Exclusive one-on-one private partnering meeting, please email [email protected] *