Six Biopharma Conferences to Attend in 2019

by | Aug 28, 2019 | China Focus

By the end of 2019, the global biopharmaceuticals market is expected to be worth USD $269.3 billion. An increase in the elderly population, a surge of chronic diseases and illnesses, increases in cancer as well as HIV/AIDS and diabetes, and expanding interest in biopharma are behind the industry’s rapid growth. As more and more innovations lead to the treatment of previously untreatable diseases, more research is being focused on biopharmaceuticals because of their high effectiveness and low side effects. Businesses and labs are working on new therapies, drugs, and devices that have the potential to guarantee food security, accessible healthcare, and improved quality of life. In an ever-changing landscape, it is essential to stay two steps ahead of the game. Here are the top biopharma conferences and events to attend in 2019.

1. 23rd European Biotechnology Congress in Zurich, Switzerland on September 9th and 10th

The European Biotechnology Congress brings together thousands of practitioners, researchers, and clinicians from all over the world. This year’s sessions and tracks include microbial biotechnology, bioprocess and fermentation technology, and plant and forest biotechnology, among many others.

2. 6th World Congress on Natural Products, Medicinal Plants, and Traditional Medicine in Tokyo, Japan on September 18 and 19

Hosted by conference series Ltd, a world-class conference organization, the 6th World Congress on Natural Products, Medicinal Plants, and Traditional Medicine provides a platform for thousands of pharmacists to meet, learn, share, and exchange their views. Over the weekend, you will gather the latest information from thought-provoking talks, presentations, and strategies in Natural medicine from medical experts and biologists.

3. Innovation in Drug Design Techniques and Pharmacology in Paris, France on October 7th and 8th

This conference is designed to canvas a variety of contemporary pharmaco¬therapeutic – the study of beneficial and adverse effects of drugs – considerations of interest to members of the medical and biopharma industry around the globe. It is also of particular interest to allied healthcare providers. Over two days, attendees will attend interactive and multidisciplinary programs, including initiatives to address the entire medical pathway to the latest fundamental, applied and translational applications in Pharmacotherapy. The focus of this conference is to build a stronger voice and global force with the ultimate goal of succeeding in decreasing the worldwide burden of chronic illnesses.

4. The 8th International Conference on Biomedical Engineering and Biotechnology (ICBEB 2019) in Seoul, the Republic of Korea from October 22 to 25

The 8th International Conference on Biomedical Engineering and Biotechnology (ICBEB 2019) is hosted by the Institute of Bio-medical Engineering Research, Kyungpook National University and supported by Center for the Support of Medical Device Platform, Keimyung University. It provides a platform for scientists and researchers to present their research results and latest findings and focuses on the exchange of solutions for better human health.

5. 14th World Congress on Biopharma and Biotherapeutics in Copenhagen, Denmark on October 25 and 26

From keynote presentations and oral talks to poster presentations and exhibitions, keynote lectures, plenary discussions and poster sessions on the topics of Biopharmaceutics, Drug Delivery, Biopharmaceutical Informatics, Novel Approaches, Clinical Trials on Biopharmaceutical Products, Analytical Characterization of Biotherapeutics, and much more! Biopharma laboratories, Pharmacists, Academicians, Clinicians, Researchers, Health care professionals, students, business delegates, and Young researchers from across the globe are invited to join.

6. A Summit in Hamburg, Germany on November 10

China Focus @Europe is perfect for anyone in the biopharma industry, including investors, innovators, health care providers, and regulatory consulting agencies. The topics will include regulatory reforms, new IPO opportunities, European biotech, and much more. A special focus will be on learning about the Chinese life science and healthcare industry, and guests will have a chance to meet decision-makers and engage conversations that can be difficult to initiate outside of a conference atmosphere.