Why Should You Attend a China-Themed Conference During JP Morgan Week?

by | Dec 21, 2019 | China Focus, Uncategorized

JP Morgan Week is fast approaching, that annual time when one of the world’s leading investment and banking firms looks to the future. Business professionals from almost every industry and sector attend conferences during this time to learn more about what’s to come and what is in store for their industries in the future.

Increasingly, events happening around this time have looked outside of American borders for the future. Not merely to bring products to America but to head into the Chinese market. Here are three reasons why you should sign up for an event like My BioGate’s “Focus on China” forum in San Francisco during JP Morgan Week.

1. China is no longer an emerging market. It’s a dominant force.

While many people do not know much about China’s healthcare system, they are even less likely to know about its current state in research and development in healthcare. China is often described as an “emerging market” but, in truth, the rate of growth it is seeing makes it a dominating force in the world. To ignore its impact and potential is to miss out on plenty of opportunities.

“Focus on China” is a chance to arm yourself with the latest and most important information so that you can invest where you will make major gains. This can help you learn about the resources you need to break into China as well, including insights into their latest policies, regulations and upcoming changes to their healthcare system.

2. Healthcare is changing

From recently proposed changes to Britain’s National Health Services to emerging technologies and policy attitudes, healthcare is undergoing major changes. Everything from drug policy changes to insurance gains are important aspects of healthcare investments and interests.

By attending a China-themed conference during JP Morgan Week, you and your team can gain valuable insights into where and how China’s exploding market is affecting those changes. Armed with that information, you will be more prepared to make sound decisions and investments in the coming year, and will be less likely to be surprised by China’s growing role in how the world accesses and receives healthcare.

3. International relations is more than just headlines

While no one likes to talk politics at these sorts of events, the fact remains that international relations are a major aspect of investments. After all, levies, tariffs taxes, and relationships can change the course of history, restrict movement and completely transform industries. China-themed conferences look not just at relations between China and North America, but China and the rest of the world. As the world changes, sometimes extremely quickly, understanding what affects markets, and how, is instrumental to successful investments. It is also necessary for understanding the future of technology, especially healthcare technology.

Are you looking for insight into China and its impact on investments and healthcare? Then visit My Bio Gate and learn more about our “Focus on China” forums. These conferences can help you gain an edge while preparing for a bold new future. Contact us today to learn about speakers, panels, rates and more.