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About China Focus 

China has embraced a vigorously growing healthcare market in the past decade. Ever since joining ICH in 2017, China has seen increased clinical trials and accelerated new drug and device approval. For biotech and medtech companies outside of China, you need to find the right partners and the right resources to bring your products to China, in order to adapt to difference in culture, regulation, reimbursement, etc. In the meantime, Chinese biotechs are actively seeking global market entry opportunities and oversea partners.

China Focus is a partnering forum designed to provide a meaningful platform to inform, inspire, and foster cross-border partnership in life science and healthcare.

Who should attend
  • Investors (VC, PE, investment bank, etc.)
  • Life science innovators and entrepreneurs
  • Biotech & big pharma
  • Medtech (device and diagnostics) manufacturers and distributors
  • Service providers (law firm, financial advisory, regulatory consulting, CRO, CDMO, etc.)
  • Healthcare providers
Main Topics
  • Cross-border investment: money from the East and the West
  • Innovations going to China: regulation, market access, manufacturing and distribution
  • Chinese innovations going west: partnership for capital and market access in the U.S.
What you can get
  • Learn about Chinese life science and healthcare industry
  • Hear about the latest Chinese regulatory reforms and implications
  • Meet with the decision makers in the industry
  • Initiate business conversations that otherwise difficult to start


Theme Forum

Opening Speech

• Global Prospects for Advancing the Biopharmaceutical Industry
• China Strategies of Multinational Pharmaceutical Corporations (MNCs)
• Seamless Collaboration with MNCs: Aligning Localization and Global Resource Synergy

Panel Discussion:

Emerging Trends in Global BD Transactions and Collaborations: Insights from Buyers & Sellers

Keynote Speeches:

• Global BD Transactions Spotlight: Unveiling Oncology Opportunities
• Navigating Global BD Transactions: Cell Therapies and Rare Diseases
• Broadening Horizons in Global BD Transactions: Urology, Gynecology, Pediatrics
• Exploring Global BD Transactions: Dermatology, Respiratory, and Infectious Diseases
• Global BD Transactions Uncovered: Gastrointestinal, Endocrinology, and NASH

Panel Discussion:

A Comprehensive Review of Global Pharmaceutical Investment and Financing Success Stories

Keynote Speeches:

• Strategically Selecting BD Assets through Business Model and Payment Innovations
• Elevating Chinese Pharmaceutical Enterprises: The Clash and Harmony of Globalization and Localization
• Adapting to China's Evolving Policies: Navigating Challenges in the Domestic New Drug Landscape
• Unraveling the Web of Intellectual Property in Licensing Agreements

Theme Forum Award Ceremony:

• Excellence in BD Transactions Award
• China BD Innovation Award
• Global BD Innovation Award
• Outstanding BD Service Award

China's Global Biopharmaceutical Project Showcase

• Showcasing Projects from Chinese Pharmaceutical Enterprises
• Spotlight on Innovations: Showcasing Projects from Chinese Biopharmaceutical Companies
• Elevating Global Health: Projects from Overseas Chinese Medical Innovators
• Home-Grown Excellence: Unveiling U.S. Domestic Biopharmaceutical Innovations
• International Insight: Illuminating Biopharmaceutical Innovations from Israel
• Synergy of Science: Integrating Novel Technologies into the Pharmaceutical Landscape

Project Showcase Subforum Award Ceremony:

• Outstanding Innovation Project Recognition Awards

 Past China Focus @Sanfrancisco 

Past Speakers

Helen Chen

Global Sector Co-Head for Healthcare&Greater China Managing Partner, L.E.K

Katherine Andersen

Head of Life Science &
Healthcare Relationship Banking
Silicon Valley Bank

John Lu

President and CEO, HebeCell

Ping Cao

Chief Business Officer/VP of Business Development

Aamir Shahzad

European Society for Translational Medicine


Bob Ai

Senior Vice President, Solebury Trout (Moderator)

Alan Jiang

Chief Strategy Officer

Gordon Freeman

Professor of Medical Oncology
Dana-Farber Cancer Center/Harvard Medical School

Dennis Purcell

Founder and Senior Advisor, Aisling Capital (Moderator)

Wendy Pan

Partner, GOODWIN

Larry Cai

Venture Partner

Brian Yang

VP&Head of Corporate Strategy and BD, ArkBio

Sara Chen

VP of Business Development

Ben Zhao

Haichang Biotech

Jijie Gu

Chief Scientific Officer and Executive Vice President
WuXi Biologics

Kelvin Shao

VP of Business Development
Kexing Biopharma

Sherry Gu

SVP, CMC Management
WuXi Biologics

Jenny Yang

Head of external innovation Asia Pacific,Novo Nordisk

Harvey Lodish

Founding Member and Professor
Whitehead Institute of Biomedical Research/MIT

Bin Chen

Vice President of MedChem, XtalPi

Joan Shen

Founder&CEO, NeuShen Therapeutics

Seamus Jiang

U.S./China Cross-border Deals Leader Managing Director, PwC US

Wesley Okeke


Wei Gan

Zenas Bio SVP

Kim Nearing

Managing Director, Cedrus Group


Andy Li

Founding Partner
Biosense Global LLC

Brad Loncar

Loncar Investments

Dan Zhang

European Society for Translational Medicine
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