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About SynBioGate

Synthetic biology is the “third biotechnology revolution” leading the world after the two biotechnology revolutions of “DNA double helix discovery” and “Human Genome Project”. “The discovery of the DNA double helix” and the “Human Genome Project” enabled human beings to realize the transition from knowing life to interpreting life. As a disruptive technology in the field of life sciences in the 21st century, synthetic biology has promoted the leap from interpreting life to programming life and creating life.

Synthetic biology, as a comprehensive discipline, has been widely used in the fields of new drug development, agricultural production, material synthesis, environmental protection, energy supply, and new material development. It will also promote global biomedicine, agricultural innovation, innovation and development for energy security, and climate issues.

Thereafter, under the academic guidance of China National Biomedical Technology Innovation Center and other institutions, with the assistance and support of international organizations such as the Asian Synthetic Biology Association (ASBA), MyBioGate and the CUBIO Innovation Center is organizing the “2023 The Global Synthetic Biology Conference” in Shanghai, China on October 25-26.

This conference is a global event in the field of synthetic biology. The organizer will invite organizations from Chinese and foreign synthetic biology associations, experts from well-known Chinese and foreign universities and research institutions, executives from European, American and Chinese synthetic biology companies, and Chinese and foreign synthetic biology investment and financing institutions to participate. At the same time, the theme of our conference will focus on topics such as the application of global cutting-edge synthetic biology technology, industry policy guidance and future development trends, and the investment and financing status of the global synthetic biology industry, in order to seek an all-round development plan for synthetic biology technology.

9:00-9:20Opening SpeechFu Gao, Chairman of the Chinese Society of Bioengineering, Academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences
Matthew Wook CHANG, Asian Society for Synthetic Biology (ASBA)
9:20-9:50Keynote Speech: Overview of the History and Trends of Synthetic BiologySpeaker: Guoping Zhao, honorary director of the Synthetic Biology Branch of the Chinese Society for Bioengineering, academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences
9:50-10:20Keynote Speech: Latest Progress in Global Synthetic Biology DevelopmentSpeaker: Jason Kelly, Co-Founder & CEO of Ginkgo Bioworks
10:20-10:30Coffee break
10:30-11:00Keynote Speech: Diamond Speech Session, Open for Investment PromotionSpeaker: TBD
11:00-12:00Roundtable: Development, Application and Latest Achievements of Synthetic Biology in ChinaModerator: Meijin Guo, professor and doctoral supervisor of State Key Laboratory of Bioreactor Engineering, East China University of Science and Technology
Guests: Haibin Chen, Co-founder of Enzymaster
Qiubin Lin, CEO of Delonix Bioworks
Yajie Tang, Member of the Party Working Committee and Vice President of Shandong University Qingdao Campus
Huanming Yang, professor of University of Chinese Academy of Sciences and Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, vice-chairman of Chinese Genetics Society and China Urban Science Research Association, co-founder of BGI
14:00-14:30Keynote Speech: Synthetic Biology and AI Drug DevelopmentSpeaker: TBD
14:30-15:00Keynote Speech: Synthetic Biology and Gene Editing Therapy/Microecological TherapySpeaker: Xianzhi Jiang, Founder & CEO of Moon Biotech
15:00-15:30Keynote Speech: Golden Speech Period, Open for Investment PromotionSpeaker: TBD
15:30-16:00Keynote Speech: Synthetic Biology mRNA Drug/Antibody ConjugatesSpeaker: Qiubin Lin, CEO of Delonix Bioworks
16:00-17:00Roundtable: Investment and Financing Trends of Biotech in the Field of Synthetic Biology in 2023Moderator: Rui Ma, Partner of FreeS Fund
Guests: Cao Yibo, Managing Director of Sequoia Capital China
Xutian Jing, Managing Director of 5Y Capital
Yungang Huang, Partner, Source Code Capital
Zhiyun Yu, Partner of Jingwei Venture Capital
9:00-9:30Keynote speech: How can synthetic biology empower the traditional chemical industry?Speaker: CEO of Cathay Biotech
9:30-10:00Keynote Speech: Diamond Speech Session, Open for Investment PromotionSpeaker: TBD
10:00-10:10Coffee break
10:10-11:10Roundtable: Opportunities and Challenges of Synthetic Biology in Energy and Chemical IndustryModerator: Xiucai Liu, Chairman and President of Cathay Biotech
Guests: Henghua Guo, Chairman of Anhui Huaheng Biotechnology
Xu Zhou, General Manager of Bestzyme
CEO of Ningxia Zhongke
11:10-11:40Keynote Speech: Golden Speech Period, Open for Investment PromotionSpeaker: TBD
11:40-12:10Keynote Speech: Recent Advances in Biological Functional Molecules and New MaterialsSpeaker: Haoqian Zhang, Founder & CEO of Blue Crystal Microbe
12:10-14:00 Lunch
14:00-14:30 Keynote Speech: Application of Synthetic Biology in the Production of High Value-Added Natural Food IngredientsSpeaker: Shijie Ding, CEO of Nanjing Joes Future Food Technology Co., Ltd., associate professor of Nanjing Agricultural University
14:30-15:00Keynote Speech: Golden Speech Period, Foreign Investment PromotionSpeaker: TBD
15:00-16:00Roundtable: How to break through the opportunity of trillions of alternative protein tracks?Moderator: Zhe Chen, CEO of C Foods
Guests: Zhehou Cao, CEO of Hangzhou Jimi Biotechnology
Yiwen Li, CEO of Botanist
Yanzi Wu, CEO of Herotein
Xiaoqi Hong, CEO of STARFIELD
16:00-16:30Keynote Speech: Synthetic Microbiology Opportunities in the 100 Billion Fertilizer MarketSpeaker: Ruiqiang Ma, CEO of GreeN Bio
16:30-17:00Keynote Speech: Steady-state Targeted Delivery and Industrial Application of Food Functional FactorsSpeaker: Mingqian Tan, Professor of Dalian University of Technology

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National Biomedical Technology Innovation Center
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