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Presentation fees: $3000 Presentation fee + one registration for presenter

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Company Presentation Track Agenda



Ginger Ding, Director of Investment Analyst, MyBioGate


Company Presentation

Torbjorn Furuseth, CFO, Targovax
Lu Wang, Vice President, Flow Pharma
Ben Bobo, Founder & CEO, Cerenetx
Ping Rawson, Chief Financial Officer, Dyadic International
Franz Gruz, CEO, Maintect GmbH
Zhijun Zhang, CSO, Zhimeng Biopharma
Anna Sumeray, CEO, Virometix
Wen Luo, Denovo Biopharma
Scott Christensen, CEO, OncoGenesis
George Simeon, CEO, Curevo Vaccine
Lucy Lu, CFO, Kintor Pharmaceutical Limited


Company Presentation

Huiru (Jane) Wang, CEO, Huirui Biopharma
Michael Tardugno, CEO, Celsion
Liming Yang, CEO, Wyze Biotech
Mark Colbrie, CEO, Strateos


Gain Insights in Dealmaking by Hearing Real World Case Studies

Zhenhua Wu, CEO, Exegenesis Bio
David Poon, Vice President of Business Development, Zymeworks
Shawn Zhang, VP, Ambrx
Anu Balendran, Vice President Business Development, Alligator Bioscience
Darrin Crisitello, Chief Commercial Officer, Mission Bio
James Lee, Sr. Business Development Manager, Atomwise


Company Presentation

Haijin Meng, Vice President, Chief Medical Officer, Gloria Biosciences
Sean Hu, CEO, Avotres
Peter Fedichev, CEO, Gero
Ying Chen, Senior Vice President of Marketing, Bayer Pharmaceuticals
Jiang Li, CEO, VivaLNK
Henry Oconnell, CEO, Canary Speech
Patrick Lopath, Co-founder and COO, TECLens, LLC
Chris Lai, CEO, METiS Pharmaceuticals
Mahmoud Rafea, Chief Scientist, Erythra

Opportunities and service forpresentation companies

10min for PowerPoint presentation during the conference

Presentation will be webcasting to 50,000 audience

One dedicated partnering booth(limited quantity available)

Pre-conference online pitch promotion, one video pitch with Chinese subtitle will be created for the online pitch.

Consultation on 1-to-1 partnering prior to the conference

Onsite interpretation help

New for 2020 Company Presentation Track 

Gain Insights in Dealmaking by Hearing Real-World Case Studies

6 executives who have closed rounds from Chinese investors or deals with Chinese companies will share their success stories and experience, followed by Q&A with the audience.

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