Competition Audience Invitation: 10.29 MyBioGate Competition Online Preliminary

by | Oct 28, 2019 | China Focus, Competition

MyBioGate Global Healthcare Innovation Competition is a cross-border platform that connects global innovations in healthcare with the growing market, capital, and resources in China. We aim to help companies from overseas find out and connect with trustworthy Chinese investors, corporates, and service providers.

We invite you to participate in the 10.29 online preliminary, to hear and discover innovations for lung cancer, skin cancer, advanced heart failure, cardiovascular diseases, joint injuries, and stroke.

Date & Time: October 29th, 2019 (10:00 am – 11:30 am, Beijing Time)

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Presenting companies:

AcuityBio, Inc. focuses on the commercialization of novel polymer drug-delivery technologies to treat various types of early-stage, soft tissue cancers. The company’s lead product candidate “ABC103” utilizes the FDA-approved drug paclitaxel with 510(k)-cleared components, creating a proprietary solution to prevent post-surgical lung cancer recurrence. ABC103 is designed to be administered at the time of surgery with approved endoscopic cutting staplers as part of standard surgical procedures.

Articulate Labs develops wearable medical devices that accelerate joint rehabilitation by augmenting a patient’s everyday muscle usage with electrical muscle stimulation. By leveraging everyday activity to actively combat muscle atrophy and inhibition related to chronic conditions or surgery, our devices make physical rehabilitation more accessible, convenient, and effective.

Bonde Innovations is developing a forward-looking left ventricular assist device, CoRisma, to treat advanced heart failure. Backing by six patent licenses from Yale University Laboratories, CoRisma can significantly reduce hospitalization time, reduce the risk of surgical infection, and improve the inconvenience of patients’ daily life.

Genetesis is a medical technology company redefining the way myocardial ischemia and coronary artery disease are clinically diagnosed and triaged by combining the noninvasive biomagnetic imaging technology with proprietary cloud-based web services and machine-learning capabilities. The product not only increases the accuracy of data processing but also shortens the patient visit time significantly, thereby improves hospital efficiency.

The Micro-Z MiniTM developed by Prizm Medical stimulates the sub-threshold sensory of the patient’s hand with Electro-MeshTM Gloves and Socks. Powered by a DC stimulator, the device assists stroke patients in the recovery of limb function. Results of 14 clinical trial papers show that Micro-Z MiniTM can reduce the shackles of the hands and wrists, increase the range of hand movements, reduce the risk of muscle atrophy, and alleviate pain symptoms.

Veriskin is a medical device company dedicated to facilitating and improving the accuracy of skin cancer screening. The patented TruScore is a proprietary, non-invasive, low-cost, hand-held device that aids a non-expert user to rapidly and objectively determine whether a suspicious skin lesion is cancerous. The device and proprietary algorithm have achieved >99% sensitivity and 94% specificity in differentiating skin cancer from a variety of benign conditions.

WinSanTor is a clinical-stage pharmaceutical company developing what appears to be the first (and only) disease-modifying treatment of a significant unmet need that affects nearly 1 in 15 people. The drugs show substantial effects in stimulating nerve regeneration, reducing neurological loss, and relieving pain in current clinical phase II trials. WinSanTor plans to initiate Phase III clinical trials worldwide in 2020.

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