2020 MyBioGate China Focus
Online roadshow

Connect to 100k+ Chinese healthcare companies, industrial parks, and investors all at one place

China Focus, the largest China-themed partnering conference in the healthcare industry, is now launching the “2020 China Focus online roadshow”, providing innovative biopharma and medical devices projects with Chinese investment, technology out-licensing, joint venture and more opportunities.

This past February, MyBioGate launched “COVID-19 project partnering” to help China fight the new COVID-19 pandemic. In 20-days, 300 COVID-19 projects from more than 20 countries were submitted and reviewed by our 85-person COVID-19 expert committee. Committee members including: the National Medical Products Administration (NMPA), experts from the National Clinical Laboratories, professors from Wuhan Institute of Virology as well as other domestic and international universities, plus scientists from MNC engaged in anti-viral drug research and development (BMS, Gilead, etc.).  We have organized 10 online roadshows for 25 selected projects, attracted over 1,400 Chinese interested potential business partners, and connected more than 40 companies to further collaboration conversation.

The fruitful results attracted projects from more than 20 countries, as well as Chinese companies, investors, and government agencies to put forward further demands for cross-border cooperation. The MyBioGate “2020 China Focus online roadshow” is aiming to meet these demands. From May to July, we will screen 40 high-quality projects for a complimentary online roadshows to China.

If you are looking for Chinese partnership, investment, or intend to set up a company in China, this will be your unmissable opportunity. MyBioGate would like to be your gateway to China’s healthcare and life science industry.

Project Areas

Based on the survey result from our Chinese clients, for best roadshow result, we will initially focus on facilitating the following areas

• Molecular diagnosis
• Digital Health

• Anti-infective drugs
• Cell therapy / stem cell therapy / gene therapy
• Bispecific antibody and ADC

• Biomedical innovation materials
• High-end medical imaging equipment

On going

Presentation schedule: May-July (date to be determined)

Complimentary roadshow details

  1. A FREE 25-minute presentation followed by 5-minute Q&A session
  2. Project information promotion through MyBioGate media channels
  3. Presentation poster design
  4. Presentation live stream
  5. Presentation video production and website replay


In order to ensure the quality of online roadshow and the effectiveness of the live communication, MyBioGate contracts a professional interpreter. The interpretation cost is to be paid by the Presenter, directly to the interpreter prior to the roadshow.

*Please note, the interpreter’s minimum working hour is 2 hours, $240 in total, regardless of how many projects being presented. We are doing our best to put 3 projects at the same date at time, so you may split the cost with other companies. However, we won’t know for sure until the roadshow is scheduled.

Why present at the  China Focus online roadshow?

Reach the mainstream China market

MyBioGate has 100,000+ customers in leading medical devices and life sciences companies, government agencies, as well as investors and CRO companies in China. We can help you to reach your most ideal partners.

Win confidence from potential partners

 Our expert committee and 100+ Ph.D. research team will conduct an initial review for the projects with potential China partnership opportunities. Professionalism increases partnering efficiency and enhances roadshow company credibility.

Multi-channel brand exposure

We will broadly promote presenting companies through our social media, websites, official WeChat channel, 100+ WeChat groups, email subscribers, as well as through our industrial media partners in China. The promotion will help the projects reach over 100k potential partners.

online roadshow

Bispecific antibody and ADC

Jun 16, 9:30 – 10:30

505(b)(2) projects

Jun 23, 9:30 – 10:30

Sponsorship Opportunity

If your company is seeking for more brand exposure, publicity, or additional promotion, it would be your best interest to become a sponsor of China Focus online roadshow. You will obtain:

  1. Company logo display during the roadshow month
  2. Roadshow recorded video promotion
  3. Project promotion through MyBioGate platform
  4. Exclusive interview opportunity 
  5. WeChat article banner promotion
  6. Ticket for China Focus

For more information, please contact Miao Guo at [email protected]

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