2021 Online Roadshow

Present to Chinese investors and industrial parks, form partnerships, receive funding

Jiangsu Industrial Technology Research Institute (JITRI) is seeking project companies with innovative drugs and medical device products with independent IP.

The China Focus® 2021 Online Roadshow has launched! It will provide innovative biopharma and medical device projects with opportunities for Chinese investment, technology licensing, joint ventures, and more.

Funding received as a result of the roadshow will depend on with whom your company reaches an agreement (industrial park, pharmaceutical company, investment firm) and the kind of agreement reached (landing in China, licensing, joint venture). For specific details about benefits to expect from landing in an industrial park, please go to CUBIO’s website.
During last year’s China Focus events, we organized 69 online roadshow presentation sessions for 180+ projects, which were selected from more than 1,000 applicants. The events attracted over 10,000 potential business partners and successfully connected more than 20 companies to further collaboration conversations. Two project companies successfully registered in China and started business operations, and two made licensing agreements with Chinese partners.

Project Areas

Based on our Chinese clients’ targets, for best roadshow results, we will initially focus on the following areas.

  • Drugs:

Small molecule drug with new mechanism/target/structure, antibody-drug conjugate, nucleic acid-based drug, protein and peptide drug targeting, new vaccine, precision medicine, and new traditional Chinese medicine with a strong clinical advantage

  • Medical Devices:

Imaging devices, implants, surgical guidance systems, fully degradable vascular stents, high-value consumables such as bio-recycled materials, rehabilitation equipment, automated biochemical analyzers, chemiluminescence immunoassays, high throughput gene sequencers, five-class automatic blood cell analyzers, and other in vitro diagnostic devices and reagents.

  • Biotech:

Cell and gene therapy, gene editing, 3D bioprinting, and artificial intelligence in healthcare


Late August – October (exact dates to be determined based on number of submissions and partner availability)

The Pitch Competition will contain complementary …

  1. FREE 20-minute presentation followed by 10-minute Q&A session
  2. Project information promotion through MyBioGate & CUBIO media channels
  3. Company-specific promotional banner
  4. Live stream via partners promotional channels in China
  5. Pitch recording replay

Who will be your audience?

Previous Attending Global Investors

Bayer · Merck · Roche · Boehringer Ingelheim · Fosun · Eli Lilly · Yangzijiang Pharmaceutical · BeiGene · Carephar· Proxima Ventures · Proximity Ventures · Dalton Venture ·AWS

Top-tier Industrial Park

Established in December 2013, Jiangsu Industrial Technology Research Institute (JITRI) has 39 specialty research institutes and over 6,000 personnel, as well as about 500,000 m2 of operating sites, RMB 2.6 billion (US$ 500 million) of equipment and an annual total R&D expenditure of about RMB 1.5 billion (US$ 300 million). About 260 start-ups have been established within the park. 17 of them have gone public or are about to go public. JITRI has recruited 49 project managers(31-Institute Establishment and 18-Key Project)and attracted nearly 200 world-class researchers and engineers globally.

Why present at the  China Focus 2021 Online Roadshow?

Reach the mainstream China market

MyBioGate and CUBIO have 65,000 direct followers in leading medical device companies, government centers, investment institutions, and CROs in China. We can help you reach partners ideal for your business goals.

Gain recognition from potential partners

MyBioGate and CUBIO have a group of expert committees and Ph.D. researchers in different fields to review the projects for potential China partnership opportunities. Professionalism increases partnering efficiency and enhances roadshow company credibility.

Multi-channel brand exposure

MyBioGate and CUBIO’s social media, websites, 25,000+ official WeChat subscribers, 100+ WeChat groups with 500,000+ connections, 70,000+ email subscribers, and industrial media partners will provide you with a broad-ranging network to promote your company in China.

Connect with fundraising resources

Our MyBio RMB & US Funds, Governmental LP Funds will provide you with a “Capital, Market, Technology” one-stop solution

Sponsorship Opportunity

If your company is seeking more brand exposure, publicity, or additional promotional opportunities, it may be within your interest to become a sponsor of the China Focus 2021 Online Roadshow. You will receive:

  1. Company logo displayed during the roadshow months
  2. Roadshow recorded video promotion
  3. Project promotion through MyBioGate’s platforms
  4. Exclusive interview opportunity 
  5. WeChat article banner promotion
  6. Ticket for China Focus

For more information, please contact Miao Guo at [email protected]

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