Venture capital and the health industry, jointly creating a future of innovation.
Mybiogate recruits partners and innovation projects

Welcome to the innovative ecosystem of Mybiogate!

Mybiogate is organizing a series of roadshow events worldwide to seek partners and startup projects interested in innovating in the health industry. By joining forces with capital and resources from various parties, we aim to build a pharmaceutical innovation system that fosters the rapid development of the pharmaceutical and synthetic biology industries.
Our roadshow platform serves as a regular forum for dialogue and exchange between domestic and foreign biomedical and synthetic biological innovation entrepreneurs, professional investment institutions, and industrial capital. We strive to maintain normalized communication among industry leaders, promote information sharing and resource allocation, accelerate project finance and industrialization, and achieve mutual benefit and win-win outcomes for all parties involved. Let’s work together to drive science and technology innovation forward!


2023 Mybiogate Roadshow Plan
We provide:

Strong innovation resources and global network

Powerful platform-driven interaction with industry and finance

Financial support and marketing activities


Analysis of policies and regulations and support mechanisms for target markets

We look for:
  Roadshow project partners

  Technology innovators and R & D teams

  Entrepreneurs and Start-ups

  Industrial investment institutions

  Law firm , CRO , CMO, CDMO supporting organization

Join us and you will receive:
Innovation projects
  • Strategic support and implementation to help realize monetization
  • Platform for rapid development and accelerated growth
  • Unique exhibition opportunities and media PR exposure
  • Priority access to event venture capital opportunities
  • Promote industry exchanges and promote the rapid development of the industry
  • Obtain continuous exposure and publicity opportunities in the industry at home and abroad
Support by
Global Roadshow Sponsor
Past investment institutions