How to Get an Advance Supply of Critical Medicine to Prepare for a Coronavirus Outbreak and Quarantine

by | Apr 17, 2020 | COVID-19

When it comes to being prepared for the coronavirus outbreak, and a quarantine, higher-risk individuals need to be ready to be sheltered in place at home for possibly several months. While, at its heart, this doesn’t seem very difficult, it can be stressful if you are unsure if your coronavirus medication supply will continue to be reliable, and if you’ll be able to receive your medication at your regularly scheduled times. That’s why it’s important that you find out how you can get an advanced supply of the critical medicines you need, while healthcare facilities need to ensure they are also getting coronavirus medical supplies that are needed.

Ensuring You Have the Medication You Need

Those that are at the highest risk of having symptoms, as well as complications from coronavirus, are those that already have underlying medical issues, as well as those that are over 80. Once the coronavirus COVID-19 was declared a global pandemic, countries, and regions started to implement national emergency measures, including shelter-in-place policies if there were sufficient cases of coronavirus in the area. If you are in one of these shelter-in-place locations, that makes it more difficult to get your medication, as you are now relying on delivery services, but also hoping the demand in medication doesn’t outweigh the current coronavirus medical supply.

In order to be fully prepared, you should be contacting your doctors, pharmacy, or even your insurance company for instructions on getting a sufficient supply for a few months of not being able to go out. Across America, starting in mid-March, several insurance companies started to waive restrictions on procuring medications, making sure people were able to get larger supplies and able to get access to supplies easier. Coronavirus medical supply is important, as it ensures individuals are able to deal with their underlying conditions and any possibly small issues that come up, without having to visit a doctor or pharmacy for supplies.

Getting an Extended Supply of Critical Medicine

Many prescriptions for medication are only able to be filled 30 days at a time, due to state or federal restrictions, or insurance restrictions. If you are concerned you won’t be able to get out every 30 days for your coronavirus medical supply, consult with your pharmacy to see if you will be able to get extra prescriptions filled all at once to minimize the number of deliveries that need to occur. Also, if you do get extra medication, secure it in a safe place so that you don’t lose it, and fill out your pillboxes as you normally would, only pulling out your extended supply from safety when you normally would get a new prescription.

Looking for Alternative Sources

When you are looking for coronavirus medical supply for your home, if your normal pharmacy isn’t able to get you what you need, or it would cost too much, then you can inquire with them about other alternative sources you could try, or about medicine cost assistance programs that may be available in your area.

Not Everybody Should Stock Up

Only those that have life-threatening conditions should really be stocking up on their medication for coronavirus medical supply, and as it stands, there are no shortages of drugs at the moment, even those for chronic illnesses. As well, alternative drugs are also available should shortages occur, so there’s no reason at the moment to panic purchase and hoard, as that could lead to shortages for others.

Coronavirus Medical Supply

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