Who Will Present At China [email protected]

by | Aug 28, 2019 | China Focus, Competition

We are excited to announce the Sorrento TherapeuticsFeldan Therapeutics, RNP therapeutics, Sensus HealthcareWinSanTor Solution, BioProgress will present at China [email protected]. We look forward to learning more about the innovative technology these companies have created. 

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Sorrento is an antibody-centric, clinical stage biopharmaceutical company developing new treatments for cancer, pain management, inflammation, and autoimmune diseases. Sorrento has a comprehensive portfolio of proprietary antibody technologies, including fully human antibodies libraries, bispecific antibodies, antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs), adoptive cellular therapies (T cell and NK cell-based), KOKI DART and oncolytic virus. Sorrento also has a clinical stage small molecule program for the treatment of intractable pain in cancer patients. The Sorrento Team is committed to improving the lives of patients through the development of innovative therapies.

Feldan Therapeutics
Feldan Therapeutics is a biotech company dedicated to developing therapeutic applications based on the Feldan Shuttle platform, a breakthrough peptide-based delivery system that allows the introduction of proteins inside cells. This technology overcomes delivery obstacles by providing a safe and highly efficient approach that alleviates manipulation complexity and that is associated with a low regulatory burden. 

RNP therapeutics
RNP Therapeutics is a startup biotech company, currently at the seed stage. The company is engaging non-coding RNA (ncRNA) to target the components of tumor microenvironment (TME). The goal of RNP Therapeutics is to restore normal cell growth using small molecules by manipulating TGF-β signaling pathway through targeting regulatory RBP/ncRNA and to eliminate cancer cells through the combination of TGF-β pathway inhibition and immune checkpoint therapy.

Sensus Healthcare
Sensus Healthcare, Inc. is a medical device company specializing in highly effective, non-invasive, minimally-invasive and cost-effective treatments for both oncological and non-oncological conditions. The Sculptura™ robotic radiation oncology system provides targeted triple-modulated radiotherapy and Brachytherapy utilizing our proprietary, state-of-the-art 3D Beam Sculpting™ to treat patients undergoing cancer treatment during surgery, or at the tumor site, with a single dose. Sensus also offers its proprietary low-energy X-ray technology known as superficial radiation therapy (SRT), which is the culmination of more than a decade of research and development, to treat non-melanoma skin cancers and keloids with its SRT-100™, SRT-100+™ and SRT-100 Vision™ systems. With its portfolio of innovative medical device products, Sensus provides revolutionary treatment options to enhance the quality of life of patients around the world.

WinSanTor Solution
WinSanTor(WST) is a clinical-stage pharmaceutical company proving that its drugs are preventing and reversing peripheral neuropathy(PN), a significant debilitating neurodegenerative disease that affects nearly 1 in 15 people globally.  Currently, there are no treatments other than pain drugs that mask pain, often addictive. WST’s lead drug is a recycled API with over 30yrs of safety that repairs nerve damage, reduces symptoms and improves quality-of-life back to “normal”. WST is the assembly of the leading key-opinion-leaders in peripheral neuropathy. 

BioProgress is a specialist executive search firm conducting assignments exclusively for clients in Life Sciences for biopharmaceuticals, biotechnology, diagnostics & medical devices. The company offers a unique approach to the recruitment industry: a combination of executive search – talent mapping and competitor market intelligence between the Asian and US cross-border investment markets – delivered seamlessly through one global team.