Why It’s Best to Work with an Industrial Park in China to Start Off in China?

by | Oct 29, 2020 | China Focus

Biotech and Biopharma are big markets these days, especially when the threat of a pandemic is being felt firsthand across the world, as well as now that growing and aging populations are abundant and there is a growing need to treat existing diseases, cancers, and other ailments. However, no matter where you are based in the world, finding investors in order to pay for research and development can often be difficult, and pushing into a new marketplace to find more investors and growth opportunities is no different, adding its own set of hurdles to the mix.

China is a vast marketplace that is ever expanding when it comes to biotech and pharma related research, development, and production. Expanding your business into the Chinese marketplace need to well-planned, especially with government regulations and the requirement of being on the ground in China. Finding your way into China by yourself is going to be too big of a burden for most companies, and that’s where industrial parks come into place.

What is an Industrial Park?

Industrial parks have been the key to China’s expansion of their industrial sectors in the last few decades, starting in the 1980s. Industrial parks are large areas of land that are dedicated specifically to building up industrial buildings, such as manufacturing plants, research facilities, etc.

Why an Industrial Park Helps Your Company Start Off in China

Moving into China as an outsider company is challenging with government and regional regulations as well as cultural, language, and technology disconnects. Starting up in an industrial park gives you quick and easy access to other companies in your field, and many industrial parks group up companies in the same field to make that even easier. Through close proximity to companies within the industrial park, you will be able to more quickly build up your contacts and connections—and lure investors in order to further expand your company’s possibilities. Industrial parks also offer a location that already has infrastructure in place to be able to handle any of your companies needs, from public waterworks to state-of-the-art electrical grids and any IT solutions you’d need to succeed.

Working with an industrial park gives you that foot in the door to establish your company in the Chinese marketplace, from where you can springboard to setting up elsewhere as you expand.

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