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by | Feb 28, 2019 | China Focus, Competition

We are actively assisting our Chinese clients with their oversea strategical/investment plan, and here reaching out to see if you are interested in exploring potential possibilities with China.

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In 2017, major reforms to the regulation of drugs and medical devices were brought in by CFDA (Now NMPA). The key outcome of these changes includes:

  • clinical data from an overseas multi-center trial can be used in order to accelerate the approval process of drugs developed by foreign companies;
  • MAH allows foreign drug makers the options of seeking approval as domestic drugs rather than imported drugs by entrusting a qualified CMO in China;
  • Orphan drugs that have been approved overseas, the CFDA will consider granting conditional approval for marketing and the applicant can supplement trial data after approval.

Such reform has been driving active dialogue between China and western companies since.

Here are a few selected opportunities immediately available:

Description: A leading biopharmaceutical company based in China with annual sales of $2.2 billion in 2017 and a market cap of $31 billion.

Most Recent Deal: LSK BioPharma partners with Hengrui Medicine to conduct combination trials evaluating LKS’s rivoceranib with Hengrui’s SHR-1210 to treat HCC.

Interests: oncology, autoimmune, diabetes, metabolic and CV

Deal Types: Cooperate investment; Licensing; JV; Co-development; M&A

Description: Recognized as an industrialization base to commercialize products developed by the State High-tech Research and Development (863) Program, the State High-tech Enterprise and the State Technology Centet, with a market cap of $3.9 billion.

Interests: Injection and infusion consumables, wound care consumables, orthopaedic, blood purification equipment and consumables, minimally invasive intervention consumables, Intelligent equipment, Pharmaceutical

Most Recent Deal: Weigao Group Medical Polymer Co Ltd has agreed to acquire US-based and unlisted Argon Medical Devices Holdings Inc for $850 million.

Deal Types: Cooperate investment; Licensing; M&A

Description: China’s No.1 pharmaceutical & healthcare distributor, No. 6 in domestic sales revenue of prescription drugs, with a market cap of $10.1 billion.
Most Recent Deal: Revance Therapeutics grants Fosun exclusive Chinese rights to RT002.
Interests: oncology, cardiovascular disease, CNS, liver disease, medical device
Deal Types: Cooperate investment; Licensing; JV; Co-development; M&A
Description: A China’s leading commercialization platform for innovative pharmaceutical products (License-in+CSO).
Most Recent Deal: Zilico Ltd secured a strategic deal with the MaxHealth Medicine Group. Zilico receive minimum royalties of $12million.
Interests: gastrointestinal heath, women’s Health
Deal Types: Contract Sale
Description: A large Chinese pharmaceutical company with a market cap of $4.5 billion.
Most Recent Deal: Mesoblast grants Tasly exclusive Chinese rights to develop and commercialize MPC-150-IM.
Interests: CV, CNS, diabetes, liver disease, chronical kidney disease, oncology
Deal Types: Cooperate investment; Licensing; JV; Co-development; M&A
There are more opportunities available. Please contact us for further information. You could also attend our China [email protected] Vienna to schedule a 1-1 meeting with the above-mentioned companies.

We are also hosting two webinars to answer questions you may have about our event. Welcome to join us and discuss potential investment or collaboration opportunities in China market.

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